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Managing injury and supporting return to work: a training package for supervisors (Facilitator-led)

Supervisors play a critical role in the return to work process. How a supervisor responds when an injury occurs has an ongoing impact on the worker’s recovery.

Research shows that injured workers who feel supported by their supervisors return to work sooner.  However,  supervisors say they think their primary RTW role is managing injury reporting and protecting the company.

Supervisors aren’t necessarily born with the skills, knowledge and behaviours that promote return to work but they can be taught.

Course Description

We start by explaining the influence supervisors have over return to work outcomes.

Then we explore good communication, covering its importance in return to work and what it does (and doesn’t!) look like. We share simple communication strategies that can have a huge, positive impact.

Musculoskeletal problems are the most common workplace injury. Supervisors do better when they know what they’re dealing with, so we cover the basics of musculoskeletal pain and workplace ergonomic principles.

We walk supervisors through the process of coordinating a timely and safe return to work, helping them identify suitable duties and other resources they can access as needed.

By the end of the course, supervisors will know what they need to do to help injured workers return to work sooner. They’ll have grown in confidence, with better communication skills, a greater capacity to keep everyone onside, and clear methods for identifying suitable duties and accessing additional support.

This online course is lively and easily accessible to a diverse audience. It runs for six hours and is designed for both individual and group learning.

Managing work injuries - Introductory video excerpt from module 1

Target Audience

Supervisors or managers who may need to support an injured worker.


There are six learning modules with videos, short lectures, engaging stories, case studies, online quizzes and interactive learning.

The modules are:

1.      Managing work injuries - Introduction (Individual 15 mins - Facilitator-led 30 mins)

2.      How to respond to a worker reporting their injury (Individual & Facilitator-led 60 mins)

3.      Understanding musculoskeletal pain (Individual & Facilitator-led 75 mins)

4.      Problem solving with ergonomics (Individual 50 mins - Facilitator-led 60 mins)

5.      Communication after injury (Individual 60 mins)

6.      Workforce reintegration and return to work (Individual 60 mins)


The training has been designed so that it can be facilitated by a RTW Coordinator without requiring the RTW Coordinator to be an expert in all aspects of work injury, or a powerhouse public speaker.  It’s a great tool for the RTW coordinator to build stronger relationships with supervisors, share workplace policies and industry case studies, and improve RTW outcomes.

The facilitator-led version comes with simple-to-use Facilitator Guides offering step-by-step guidance.  Case studies with example answers help consolidate learnings and provide the opportunity to discuss organisation-specific policies.

Delivery options

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-        Facilitator-led Group Training: Ideally suited for 4-12 participants. Includes 3+ hours of video content, facilitator guidelines, and questions for discussion along with notes to help the facilitator direct and respond to group comments. Group training can be delivered in a single day, two half days, or over six weeks in hourly sessions.

We also offer:

-        Self-led Individual Training: Designed for supervisors working remotely or those wanting to work at their own pace. Includes graded online quizzes and case studies.  Click here to purchase the Self-led training. 


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Facilitator-led group training
1 Session $980 $833
2 Sessions $900 per session $765 per session
4 Sessions $860 per session $731 per session
5+ Sessions $800 per session $680 per session
Unlimited-12 month use $4650 annually $3952.50 annually

Includes online access to the self-led individual training version for those who can't make the facilitator-led training

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About Return to Work Matters

Return to Work Matters is Australia's leading independent resource for return to work professionals. It's published by respected specialist occupational physician Dr Mary Wyatt. Dr Wyatt has over 30 years’ experience in medical practice, teaching and workplace engagement. She recognises that people’s beliefs, workplace attitudes and the way the compensation systems deal with workers, are all important factors in return to work.

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